Traveling North

Murcyn entered Darokin City first and posted a message at the Adventurers Guild Hall. He had found a room at the White Oleander Inn.

The rest of the group arrived soon after. They discovered that the Nine Houses were gathering in the city to attend The Great Quorum, a meeting held annually and for special occasion. The group wanted to gain admission but this was an inviation only event.

Information was found that led to the diplomat Evan Grigoran who often travels to Glantri. Evan is invited to the event and was impressed with the story of Mai’ ren letting the wizard accompany him as a personal guest.

Murcyn and Vondreysdale decided to poke around the guild hall. A heavy security presence was found as guards were placed in several key areas about the hall. Blank copies were discovered and pilfered for successful forgeries to be made.

Information was discovered in the market which has the party concerned. A possible agent of the Thieves Guild in Akorros may be poking around looking for the party. The person of interest said he was a lake trader from Bronsdale looking to pay a debt. The party also discovered the devil landed in Ardelphia, a place many have avoided.

After successfully gaining access to the Great Quorum the party was witness to much fanfare and political dealings. The main topic of discussion was dealing with the issue in Ardelphia. Several houses seemed interested as jewels and treasures long lost could be reclaimed, along with the city. Each house believes the risk to their prestige would be too high a price if the the mission were to fail. No house will send troops north.

Mai’ren stated that he and emissaries from Alfheim (Aramil and Murcyn) would venture forth and accepted aid from Khalifi Al-Azrad, a desert merchant running the 7th largest house in Darokin. 12 mules, 6 guards and an emissary are accompanying the party. Khalifi Al-Azrad is to get 5% of the treasure for his assistance. In their haste to tleave the following day the party forgot to buy healing potions, spells and other items as there is no cleric. Myles has left the party in a fit of depression after feeling that his god abandon him.

The party trekked north and got lost in the mountains north of Rennydale for 3 days when Arimil lost the trail. Their rations will be running low on the return. After passing the Bladed Cathedral, the site of the 13 Witch Knights of Ogremoor and the Necropolis of Soot, the city of the dead, the party arrived at a small shrine.

The party failed to ask what Brother Tredamay (Cleric/Loremaster)looked like, an albino with long white hair and red eyes, and they mistook him for a vampire. The party broke brother Tredamay’s concentration during a vampire excorsism which led to an attack by the vampire. The vampire escaped after tuning invisible. Brother Tredamay told the party of the Shoggoth Stone which is the source of chaotic energy that twists the laws of nature. When the stone is removed with the aid of the Staff of Rightful Rule the eclipse will be lifted. Thestaff is located in a tower which as not been identified.


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