Lon Ajil

1/2 Elf Monk


Lon Ajil – Background

Lon Ajil is a 1/2 Elf Monk that was left on the steps of a Monastery near the Elven Lands of Alfheim. Left with on a Signet Ring and a name Lon believed that his family had left him because they did not want him, Lon took to the life of a Monk Initiate and traveled down the path to Hextor. After many years and much internal strife Lon is at a place in time that he needs to make a choice of keeping the path or trying to find out his past; regardless of the outcome. After returning to the Monastery, before meeting his friends, Lon is given the Ring and told his true name; Eiredian. He is in for a rude awakening as his past now comes full circle and Lon must find the answers to why he was left alone.

Real background.

Son of an Elven Knight, Lon was kept by his mother until she was brutally attacked by the same order that killed her husband. Lon’s mother was the daughter of a rich Merchant who had a distaste for Elves and would not accept her marriage to this Elven Knight. The Elven Knight, Cyrondial Blackmoore, was the son of an Elven Duke from the Clan Erendyl Cousin to the Clan master of Erendyl. Cyrondial was called back to Alfheim, by his brother Mai’ren, only to be killed by a group of assassins hired by a rival Clan and in the employ of the Thieves Guild of Akros.

Lon Ajil

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