Mai'ren Blackmoore

Elven Conjurer, Former Erendyl Court Wizard


Mai’ren Blackmoore – Background

Mai’ren is the brother to Cyrondial and son to Duke Syvenstri of Clan Eryndyl. He was a very successful wizard, elected to the Wizard Court of Erendyl and was to pursue a course in politics and represent the Blackmoore family on the Clan Court. After many years following this path, Mai’ren was sent to Darokin to retrive his brother at the behest of his father. There were rumors that a rival clan was working to undermine the Blackmoores in their pursuit of reaching the High Court of Alfheim. During the travels back to Eryndyl, Crondial told Mai’ren about his wife and his very young son, Eiredian. Mai’ren, after ensuring that his family was safe, headed to Darokin to ensure the young woman’s safety and the future of the young boy.

Upon arrival in Darokin, Mai’ren finds that the woman left soon after his brother and had a small child with her. No one knows where she left to and after inquiring with the woman’s father; Mai’ren sets off in the direction she was last seen heading. Towards the lands of The Orcs of Thar on the border of Darokin. Once near his destination, he comes upon a small and proud village of Barbarians working hard to hold the Orcs at bay. With the help of Darokin and Alfheim soldiers the Orcs are beaten back but not without cost. Many Orcs took liberties with local barbarians and the offspring were treated horribly; sometimes killed out outright. Finding one such heinous act, Mai’Ren saves a youg 1/2 Orc and takes him as an retainer and fellow companion; he is Tor’ag of Erendyl. While he was searching for clues of the young woman, he befriends the local Chieftan of Clan Numbreak and his young Son Wahrath. During some of the down times, Mai’ren speaks of his mini quest to find his brother’s family and return them to Alfheim. Many months later, as he is taking time to rest, Wahrath returns home to tell of his latest adventure and relays a strange coincidence of a young 1/2 elf Monk warrior. Believing this to be the best clue on the whereabouts of his brother’s family and seeing that Wahrath is in need of rest and training, Mie’ren heads to the old monastery located close to the village. Here he will await this young Monk and hope that this will be the final step in a long journey.

Mai'ren Blackmoore

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