Retainer and Companion of Mai'ren Blackmoore


Tor’ag – Background

Tor’ag’s background is short but brutal. Being a child of an Orc father and Human Mother, Tor’ag was brutally beaten and forced to work as blacksmith slave while the village was held by Orcs. During the battle to take back the village, by the local Barbarian Tribe and their Allies, Tor’ag was set upon by 3 Orc Warriors to be killed since slaves would only slow them down. Killing 2 of them, with the dbl bladed Orc axe he was forging, the 3rd orc was able to severly wound him and was closing in for the kill. Tor’ag, mustering his last strength, blocked the death blow but was too weak to continue and believed the end was near. At that time, as he was passing out, he saw a shadow of a figure and then the screams of a dying orc; to that he passed out. Upon waking, being screeched to by a rather animated raven in common tongue, Tor’ag met his savior; Mai’ren Blackmoore. Mai’ren offered whatever assistance he needed and then teleported both of them to Erendyl city so that Tor’ag could receive medical attention. Once healed, Tor’ag was offered a place in the family of Blackmoore and was allowed to pursue his new occupation; Clan blacksmith and warrior in training.

Because of the events above, Tor’ag will never be far from the side of Mai’ren Blacknoore; he even has grown attached to that screeching Raven (Talon) that Mai’ren has following him about.


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