Wilimena the Hag

Hag by the monastery


She lives near Knucklebones Pass, between Rennydale and Crowlerd. The pass also leads North to Ardelphia.


The Hin merchant Bollo Butterfoot tells her story, she was a duchess of Ardelphia. When the Duke fell in battle she mourned him and slept with his corpse. She ordered her servants to dress the duke in regalia and perfume him regularly. She ordered the Duke to be moved to the throne room to preside over daily affairs. When the Bishop of Wee Jas could not return the duke to life, Wilimena went mad and had the bishop quartered and placed on display. Fearing for his life High priest Sardeth raised the Duke as a zombie. The Duchess sat enthroned beside the maggot infested corpse day and night. Costly were the perfumes and oils used to cover the stench of decay. She ruled until the fall of Ardelphia. She disappreared and emerged later walking the pass at night.

Wilimena the Hag

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