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The Republic of Darokin

Ruled by the guilds of Darokin. The Merchants Guild is the most powerful. All of the guilds are led by members of the 9 great houses.
Mauntea – Based in Darokin City
Corun – Based in Corunglain
Hallonica – Based in Selenica
Umbarth – Based in Akesoli
Toney – Based in Akorros
Pennydown – Based in Darokin City
Al-Azrad – Based in Selenica
Linton – Based in Selenica
Franich – Based in Darokin City

Society is divided by class. The gold class is the social elite. The silver class are the merchants, shopkeepers and middle class. The copper clas is the woking poor.

Internal conflicts are settled trough the courts or political means.

External conflicts are handled by the Diplomatic Corps. War is the very last resort.
There is a Darokonian saying: “Dead men do not trade”

All adventurers must belong to the Adventurers guild who takes 0.5% of the annual income.

Note on Gaining Experience
Levelling up takes 2 weeks and costs 100gp x the level. (So gaining 8th level costs 800 gp)
Gaining feats and skills cost 100 gp per increase and takes 1 week per increase.

Maps of the Republic of Darokin

Months of the Year:
Nuwmont-January, Vatermont-February, Thaumont-March, Flaurmont-April, Yarthmont-May, Klarmont-June, Felmont-July, Fyrmont-August, Ambyrmont-September, Sviftmont-October, Eirmont-November, Kaldmont-December

Days of the Week:
Lunadain-Monday, Gromdain-Tuesday, Tserdain-Wednesday, Moldain-Thursday, Nytdain-Friday, Loshdain-Saturday, Soladain-Sunday

Important Dates:
1 Nuwmont-New Year’s Day. All businesses are supposed to be closed on this holiday.
23 Vatermont-Chancellor’s Day, celebrating the birthday of the first Chancellor of Darokin, Charles Mauntea. This is a holiday for many workers, but most businesses remain open.
1 Thaumont-Income Taxes are due on the previous year’s income. It is also the first day of Spring.
21 Flaurmont-The traditional date of the Darokin Masked Ball, held in the Merchant’s Guild Hall in Darokin. This is the biggest and best of masked balls, and many other cities schedule their own balls on the same night.
1 Klarmont-The first day of Summer.
13 Fyrmont-Darokin Day. A national holiday, this celebrates the supposed birthday of Ansel Darokin, who founded the country nearly 1000 years ago. Darokin Day is celebrated with parades, fairs, special entertainment events, and the closing of all businesses.
1 Ambyrmont-The first day of Autumn
15 Sviftmont Every five years (years ending in 3 and 8), the Great Reckoning begins.
6 Eirmont-Harvest Day. All citizens no matter their station, dress as farmers for the day and celebrate the harvest-even in the largest cities. Many businesses remain open, but most workers try to get this day off if they can.
28 Eirmont-In the years of the Great Reckoning, the counting and calculating is usually done by this time.
1 Kaldmont-The first day of winter.
1-28 Kaldmont-since most business contracts traditionally expire on 1 Nuwmont, traders throughout Darokin scramble this entire month to renew working agreements with suppliers, customers and other business partners.

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