This is the Mystara campaign.

Darokin is ruled by 9 merchant houses. Each house is trying to gain power and influence through trade. Citizens are held to social classes. The copper class is the poor, the silver class are merchants and other professionals and the gold class are the best merchants and traders. The elite class is the most prestigious. Each city is divided by this class.

All adventurers belong to the Adventurers guild and pay 0.5% of total earnings for the year. This can be deducted from bank accounts as the banks report all income to all the guilds within the country.

Wars are frowned upon and political intrigue is often used to control events.

Internal conflicts are settled through the courts. Laws are strictly enforced.

External conflicts are settled through diplomacy, and through the use of mercanaries in extreme cases. Wars are strictly discouraged, as the saying goes, “the dead do not trade and gain wealth”

Religion in Darokin is tolerated as long as trade is not interrupted.


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