In Favaro

Elven Diplomats Deoramyr of Chossum Clan, Calinhyst of Shadowdown of Erendyl Clan and Slisteen of Lake Selinar of the Feadeil Clan (Blind).
Given a mark to allow adventuring sponsored by the Diplomats.
Told to open the trade routes to the north.
Party establishes room and board at the Pig & Whistle.
Owners-Silas and Midge Pennefeather

Met Northerners: Ienuw , Eldgrim, Hengist and Mord of Rhoona in Vestland. King Hord of Ostland is raiding the coast of Vestland and Jarlford.

The party heads to an outpost to investigate raids on caravans and trade routes from the hills west of Rennydale. Stories of plague in Rennydale cause the party to avoid that town. A back road is found near Knucklebones Pass.

The first forays take place in the monastery.


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