Itheldown Island

Ithel Tower

The party continued to search a great tower within the walls of the keep on Itheldown island. Several warning were issued to turn back. A Gelatinous cube almost killed Aramil, but was quickly dspatched by oil and fire.

Continuing on and ignoring more warnings to leave, the party encountered and defeated an Alchemical Golem, which almost killed Bulduc the dwarf. Myles was able to stabilize the dwarf and heal him. Pressing on the the higher levels the group encounted a large creature bathed in a golden light. It had massive wings and golden armor. It spoke in a booming voice causing all to cower in fear when it spoke. The walls and floors shuddered with each syllable spoken as it demanded you turn back, then it faded away.

The party still pressed on and survived a gas explosion which was a trap triggered when a false door was open. A strange globe of the world was found in a classroom, enabling the party to see the world in its entirety for the first time. Murcyn made detailed sketches.

When the party reached the next level they found a telescope allowing a view of the entire island and lake. A vision was seen by Murcyn when he looked through the telescope, The houses of Umbarth and Hallonica are forging an alliance for trade which was worrisome to a Khalifi,the party does not know who he is.

A platform was found enabling the party to access the highest level. There they found a glyph marking a concealed door. It was a glyph marking a warning in some unknown language was illegible to the group. Another crux was found and it enticed Murcyn with hints of wealth and magic. The gnome was overcome by curiosity and opened the crux.

An immolation devil was unleashed upon the world. The sky has darkened and the sun is in eclipse for the next 666 days. The devil did give a flying carpet as a reward for its rescue. The party flew across the island and returned to the outskirts of Akorros. From here the party decided to split up and train and prepare for future opportunities. Lon is returning the ancient Kamas to his monastery which could be dangerous for him.


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