Through the Dwarven Forge

The party encountered the Galantrian sorcerer Phyracta and his very large construct and fled into the forge.

They entered through a secret door in the basement. The upper levels were never explored. The party encountered many hazards but made it through and teleported to the outskirts of Akorros.

The party arrived during a summer festival. The house guards were found to be mercenaries doing the bidding of Phyacta who had influenced the Toney house through power and magic.

The party encounted Aryalanna, leader of the Thievesguild. They infiltrated the barracks on her behalf. The party then found information leading them to Phyracta’s shrine under the Cathedral of Rad. The party eliminated those within the shrine and freed Murcyn’s sister who was destined to be sacrificed. Phyracta was fought and was defeated as he disappeared in a black mist.

The party was absolved of murder charges in Favaro for turning in ledgers that led to the arrest of many cultists within the Toney house hierarchy.


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