The Beginning

Lon, Aramil, Murcyn and Croix met at the Great Tor north of Favarro seeking shelter from a storm.
The Great Tor is cleared.
Lon kept a sword found from the Knights of Hextor.
Bollo Butterfoot – encountered leaving plague in Rennydale
Poorly equipped 16th legion heading North to fortify the Northern frontier led by Capt. Jonas Stoffel.
Soldiers burn farm for nonpayment of taxes led by Sgt Anders Stoffel.
Public execution for murder witnessed in Favaro.

In Favaro

Elven Diplomats Deoramyr of Chossum Clan, Calinhyst of Shadowdown of Erendyl Clan and Slisteen of Lake Selinar of the Feadeil Clan (Blind).
Given a mark to allow adventuring sponsored by the Diplomats.
Told to open the trade routes to the north.
Party establishes room and board at the Pig & Whistle.
Owners-Silas and Midge Pennefeather

Met Northerners: Ienuw , Eldgrim, Hengist and Mord of Rhoona in Vestland. King Hord of Ostland is raiding the coast of Vestland and Jarlford.

The party heads to an outpost to investigate raids on caravans and trade routes from the hills west of Rennydale. Stories of plague in Rennydale cause the party to avoid that town. A back road is found near Knucklebones Pass.

The first forays take place in the monastery.

The Monastery Falls

Goblin King Chum vanquished
Proof House Toney is supporting humanoid raids on rival houses
Encountered the Hag Milina – was a duchess in Ardelphia before it fell and resides in
Kucklebones Pass near a mass grave.
Back to Favarro
Aric the Stern lost men in the last venture and blames the plague of Rennydale on the citizens.
People imprisoned and tortured below St. Cuthbert Seminary.
Party kills 2 Spies disguised as mother and child, wanted for murder.
Elven diplomats leave Favarro for Akorros. Party must go to Akorros to uncover the problem.

The Burning Plague

Party discovers the source of the plague, a Kobold Sorcerer named Jak-Jak.

Jak-Jak is killed the plague is lifted the party is deemed saviors and given safe haven and free
stay and board.

Aric arrives and the Persecution begins. The night of the heretics begins as crucifixions are done
by the Knights of St. Cuthbert.

The party travels toward Akorros and looks for safe haven at a druid circle in the Amsorak Valley accompanied by Bollo Butterfoot.

The Druid Esh the Elder

Esh requires a runestone be returned from a wyvern who had stolen it.

The party climbs a mountain frought with peril. The wyvern is marked by house Toney. The wyvern is left alive but the runestone is recovered and returned. The party returns to Esh and stays at the circle to recover.

Esh tells the party to go through the Dwarven Forge to avoid troops looking for them.

Through the Dwarven Forge

The party encountered the Galantrian sorcerer Phyracta and his very large construct and fled into the forge.

They entered through a secret door in the basement. The upper levels were never explored. The party encountered many hazards but made it through and teleported to the outskirts of Akorros.

The party arrived during a summer festival. The house guards were found to be mercenaries doing the bidding of Phyacta who had influenced the Toney house through power and magic.

The party encounted Aryalanna, leader of the Thievesguild. They infiltrated the barracks on her behalf. The party then found information leading them to Phyracta’s shrine under the Cathedral of Rad. The party eliminated those within the shrine and freed Murcyn’s sister who was destined to be sacrificed. Phyracta was fought and was defeated as he disappeared in a black mist.

The party was absolved of murder charges in Favaro for turning in ledgers that led to the arrest of many cultists within the Toney house hierarchy.

Booking Passage

The party takes a job from the Adventurers Guild on behalf of the Umbarth House. The party books passage on the ship called “The White Cap”.

Myles does business with Gypsies and regrets his decision, he is robbed.

The party is ambushed at the pier by the Night Claw. These assassins were hired by Aryalanna to kill the party and tie up loose ends.

The party defeats the Night Claw (All Tenkus)and Lon learns that he is fighting members of his own school and monastery.

The 2 say passage to Itheldown Island begins.

Itheldown Island
Ithel Tower

The party continued to search a great tower within the walls of the keep on Itheldown island. Several warning were issued to turn back. A Gelatinous cube almost killed Aramil, but was quickly dspatched by oil and fire.

Continuing on and ignoring more warnings to leave, the party encountered and defeated an Alchemical Golem, which almost killed Bulduc the dwarf. Myles was able to stabilize the dwarf and heal him. Pressing on the the higher levels the group encounted a large creature bathed in a golden light. It had massive wings and golden armor. It spoke in a booming voice causing all to cower in fear when it spoke. The walls and floors shuddered with each syllable spoken as it demanded you turn back, then it faded away.

The party still pressed on and survived a gas explosion which was a trap triggered when a false door was open. A strange globe of the world was found in a classroom, enabling the party to see the world in its entirety for the first time. Murcyn made detailed sketches.

When the party reached the next level they found a telescope allowing a view of the entire island and lake. A vision was seen by Murcyn when he looked through the telescope, The houses of Umbarth and Hallonica are forging an alliance for trade which was worrisome to a Khalifi,the party does not know who he is.

A platform was found enabling the party to access the highest level. There they found a glyph marking a concealed door. It was a glyph marking a warning in some unknown language was illegible to the group. Another crux was found and it enticed Murcyn with hints of wealth and magic. The gnome was overcome by curiosity and opened the crux.

An immolation devil was unleashed upon the world. The sky has darkened and the sun is in eclipse for the next 666 days. The devil did give a flying carpet as a reward for its rescue. The party flew across the island and returned to the outskirts of Akorros. From here the party decided to split up and train and prepare for future opportunities. Lon is returning the ancient Kamas to his monastery which could be dangerous for him.

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To Darokin City

The party will split up to train and prepare for the next adventure but must first split the treasure. Training costs will need to be paid for as well as appraising any items.

After training the party will meet in Darokin City. This will be the start of the next game session.


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